About Us
The Dermatology Clinic of Idaho

The Dermatology Clinic of Idaho was started in November of 1978 by Dr Gerald Overly.  In 1979 a satellite office was opened in Ontario, Oregon.  The Old Emerald office was moved to the Curtis Rd location in 1983 and the Oregon office moved to Fruitland, Idaho.  In 1996 Dr. Stewart moved to Boise from California and joined the practice.  He became a partner of the Dermatology Clinic in 1998.  Alec Arhets started part time with the Clinic in 2000 as a Physician Assistant and became full time in 2003.  In April of 2004 Dr. Stewart purchased Dr. Overly’s share of the Clinic and became the sole owner.  Dr. Overly retained ownership of the Fruitland Office.  In June 2003 Dr Stewart opened an additional office in Eagle, Idaho In 2006 the Boise location moved to 7733 W. Emerald Street to make room for more patients and providers.  In November of 2007 Dr. Stewart opened the newest satellite office in Cascade, Idaho. Mariya Ostermiller, also a Physician Assistant, joined in 2006 and started accepting patients in 2007.  Dr Naomi Brooks joined the practice and began taking patients in December of 2011.


The Dermatology Clinic of Idaho offices are open five days a week with office hours Monday - Thursday 8-5 and Fridays 8-2, Saturday office hours are available in Cascade on alternating weekends, times may vary with the doctor’s schedule.  The number of employees fluctuates but is generally around 25 employees including the staff and providers.

Dr Stewart, Dr Brooks, PA Ostermiller, PA Arhets

Dermatolgic Services

  • Skin Cancer
  • MOHS Micrographic Surgery
  • Treatment of Adult and Teen Acne
  • Psoriasis
  • Eczema
  • Rashes
  • Skin Conditions
  • Treatment of Growths/Moles

Cosmetic Services

  • Lip Enhancement - Fillers
      • Juvederm Ultra XC
      • Juvederm Ultra Plus XC
  • Facial Cosmetics
    • Forehead
      • Botox (discount for multiple injections)
      • Fillers
        • Juvederm Ultra XC
        • Juvedermn Ultra Plus XC
    • Crows Feet
      • Botox
      • Fillers
      • Chemical Peels
      • Resurfacing
    • Lips
      • Resurfacing
      • Fillers
      • Dermabrasion/Peel
    • Nasal Labial Folds/Marionette Lines
      • Fillers
    • Latisse - Eyelash Enhancement

Intense Pulse Light Treatments (Starlux)

    • Hair Reduction
      • Bikini line
      • Axilla (armpits)
      • Facial
      • Neck
      • Back
      • Chest
      • Arms
    • Acne Treatments
    • Photofacials
      • telangiectasia and lentigos (Red and brown spots)
      • Tone and firm
  • Leg Veins
    • Sclerotherapy

Esthetician Services

Rene Cobb joined the Dermatology Clinic of Idaho in 2006 and offers a variety of aesthetic services:

1. Microdermabrasion I:  This treatment renews and resurfaces the skin on the face & neck leaving the skin smoother, softer and more radiant.  Microdermabrasion will diminish uneven skin tone, fine lines, and wrinkles plus it will soften the appearance of sunspots.


2. Microdermabrasion II: A Microdermabrasion treatment that includes a customized facial for an individual’s skin type.


3.  Skin Perfecting Facial:  This customized facial will provide you with a deep cleansing, exfoliation, extractions, (as needed) as well as a specialized treatment mask designed for your particular skin type.


Glycolic Acid Peel:

Salicylic Acid Peel:

Enzyme Peel:  A gentle peel that will produce a glowing appearance to your skin.

High Frequency:  An excellent treatment for acne skin that helps kill underlying bacteria and reduces healing time.


Hair Removal

1.  Waxing:  This hair removal system involves a warmed wax applied to the skin for quick and immediate results.  Lasting results vary.


2.  Electrolysis:  A hair reduction method that is best for persons with white or very light hair color and individual/sporadic hairs.


Body Massage

1. Swedish: Most relaxing can be preformed with aromatherapy oils to achieve a calming and tranquil state of being.


2. Sports Massage:  a sport specific massage using friction to stimulate blood flow and stretching of muscle groups.


3.  Reflexology:  A very relaxing or stimulating foot massage that reflects your whole body.