We are a full-service Dermatology Practice offering best-in-class patient care in the Boise area. Dermatology Clinic of Idaho has the area’s best providers under one roof – to ensure you receive the best advice and treatment possible.

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Mohs micrographic surgery, also known as Mohs chemosurgery, is a highly specialized procedure for the total removal of skin cancers.

Dermatology Clinic of Idaho’s excellent staff will make sure that your Mohs surgical procedure is performed with the utmost care and comfort.


No one wants a skin cancer diagnosis, although it is the most common type of cancer in the world. Most people get skin cancer from exposure to too much ultraviolet light, sun or and tanning beds. Skin cancer is highly curable if it is treated early.


We are well-known in the Boise area for our personalized level of full-service dermatological care that always puts your health and comfort first.

Because an accurate and timely diagnosis of any skin condition is vital for successful treatment, our Providers take time to talk with you and ensure you understand all the details by answering your questions and addressing your concerns. We’re caring medical experts dedicated to you and your skin.


You deserve the assurance of medical professionals, no matter what the procedure. Whether you’re looking for fillers or facials, microdermabrasion, or mole removal, our team of medical experts is committed to safe, effective dermatology treatments with proven results. Dermatology Clinic of Idaho is your partner in achieving healthy, beautiful skin.


If you don’t have a skin care regimen, then it’s probably time you get one. And we can help. We carry medical-grade skin care brands so that our team can design a program specifically for you.

With a wide range of products available, including SkinCeuticals, EltaMD®, Alastin®, and Image® Skincare., our skin treatments are designed to address your goals with a comprehensive plan that is customized to suit your skin type and expected outcomes.

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