Referring Physicians

At Dermatology Clinic of Idaho, we pride ourselves in providing the highest level of patient care and quality service to both patients and referring physicians. As a fellow medical professional, we understand that when you refer patients to us, you’re putting your trust in us to provide your patients with comprehensive, quality care in a timely manner.

Our goal is to schedule all new patient referrals with our Board-Certified Dermatologist/Mohs Surgeon or one of our Certified Physician Assistants as soon as possible. We also reserve daily appointments for those patients needing to be seen right away.

Mohs Surgery

Confirmed Basal and Squamous cell skin cancers will be scheduled for Mohs surgery if the skin cancer is on the head or neck, or if the site is a high-risk area according to NCCN guidelines. Our Fellowship-Trained Mohs Surgeon will schedule Mohs surgery for those patients with confirmed pathology, or we will perform the biopsy on the suspected site to confirm. 

Once a confirmed pathology report is available, Mohs surgery can typically be completed in one day. The patient will need to be scheduled for a Mohs consult with the Dr. Stewart prior to scheduling the surgical appointment.

Patient notes are available for new referred patients and for every Mohs case, and will be processed to your office once your patient has been treated.

How to Refer a Patient to Us

Our referral process is easy and simple. Patient referrals can happen in one of two ways depending on the practice or health system submitting the referral:

1. Email us: mail@idahoderm.com 

Please include the patient’s first and last name, insurance information, contact information, and the reason for the referral.

2. If you’re part of the Saint Alphonsus Health Alliance, please submit a referral via Crimson Medical Referrals (CME). 

We’ll confirm referrals within one to three business days.