IdaGlo 4-in-1 Treatment Exfoliates and Refreshes Your Skin

Renew your complexion with our exclusive, signature facial.  

Spring is here and now is a great time to rid our skin of tired, worn winter layers. Cold winds, icy temperatures, and the constant blast of heated air can take their toll on our skin, leaving behind dull,uneven appearance.  

Refresh and brighten your skin with an IdaGlo facial and face spring anew.   

What Is an IdaGlo?
Dermatology Clinic of Idaho’s signature facial treatment includes surface-smoothing microdermabrasion, a rejuvenating clinical facial, a revitalizing light chemical peel, and a calming mask. 


What Will an IdaGlo Do for My Skin? 

Our exclusive combo treatment reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, helps even skin tone, minimizes pores, helps fight acne and diminishes acne scars, revitalizes dull skin, stimulates collagen production, and increases elasticity, leaving your skin with a refreshed, healthy-looking glow. 


Can Anyone Get an IdaGlo?
Almost anyone can benefit from our IdaGlo treatment but there may be certain conditions that might prevent one from being a good candidate for this multi-treatment offering. But patients who are at risk of chemical absorption, like those who are pregnant, nursing, or have certain health conditions that make them sensitive to chemicals or other ingredients may need to consider other alternative treatments. Complimentary consultations are required to ensure that IdaGlo is right for you prior to your first treatment.  


Limited Time Special Pricing 

For a limited time, you can enjoy IdaGlo for only $149, (regular price $225). 

Schedule a consultation today with our Licensed Aesthetician to see if an IdaGlo treatment is right for you. Request an appointment online or call us at 208.376.4265.